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Rathna Cinnamon

Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd. is a major exporter of Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Leaves, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil, Citronella Oil, Black Pepper, Cloves, Garcinia Rings (Goraka) and Coffee, to major markets in the world.

Having seen humble beginnings in 1985, Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd., is one of the largest exporter of Cinnamon in Sri Lanka and is considered to be one of the major foreign exchange earners to the country.

The company is now an internationally recognised exporter approved by the Board of Investments in Sri Lanka. In recognition of quality assurance in its manufacturing process, the ISO 22000:2005 standards certification for Plantation Management, Harvesting, Processing, Packaging and sale of Cinnamon was awarded to the company in the year 2008.

The company has gone from strength to strength in having expanded to successfully manage its own vast Cinnamon Estates. Providing permanent employment for large number of people in the community,

Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd is much respected for having helped to reduce unemployment in the area. Rathna Producers & Exporters (Pvt) Ltd and New Rathna Producers & Exporters (Pvt) Ltd (BOI Approved) are subsidiaries of emerging Rathna Group.
While making a difference in Sri Lanka, helping in its social and economical development, the company contributes to uplift trade in Sri Lanka.

With a wealth of knowledge in the industry and the global market, The Managing Director, Prof. Piyatissa Runage holds membership in SAPPTA, The Spice Council, National Chamber of Commerce, Matara District Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industries in Sri Lanka (www.fccisl.lk) and Kamburupitiya United Trade Association, thereby actively involved in helping Sri Lankan exporters and traders to develop their businesses.

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Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd.,
is one of the largest exporter of Cinnamon
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Our History

Cinnamomum zeylanicum, or Cinnamon, captivated the minds and the hearts of civilisations, even dating back 4000 years. Cinnamon quills originating from Ceylon, followed the ‘Cinnamon Route’ via land and sea, along the Indian west coast, through the Arabic nations into Egypt, stopping by the great city of Constantinople to be traded across to Europe.

From the times of Herodotus, Nero to Vasco da Gama, the ages saw a great demand for Cinnamon, an exotic product whose origin was a well kept secret by the Arabic traders who desired to keep a monopoly in Cinnamon trading at Constantinople. Cinnamon was traded across Europe for use in perfumes as well as to preserve food longer over winter periods; it was the Venetians of Italy who held the monopoly in Europe, having bought it from the Arabs.

Found in the rites of the Tabernacle in Palestine, as incense in European Churches, Cinnamon also shows its colour in stories in ancient manuscripts where it is said that Solomon’s beloved’s garments exuded the fragrance of this spice. The Hebrews required it for religious rituals, the Egyptians… to embalm the dead. Asia and Africa used Cinnamon for flavouring of food; the Arab world considered Cinnamon an important ingredient in their perfumes, while Rome used it in its wines.

A mere bark, the Cinnamon stick has held the world under its power of fragrance, natural and medicinal goodness, for over hundreds of generations.

But over time, Pure Cinnamon production has remained and been conserved in its original nature in Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean, once known to traders as Serendib, or more famously as Ceylon. It is here, that you would still find Pure Ceylon Cinnamon, promising its real exotic fragrance, unique taste and magical medicinal values.


Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd, received the International Standard Award (ISO) in year 2008. In keeping to ISO standards, Quality Assurance is maintained and guaranteed at all levels of manufacturing and preparation process. And the latest technologies are used to ensure quality product needs are met on time.

In saluting the company’s hard work and accomplishments, the Managing Director, Prof. Piyatissa Runage was awarded the National Gold Award and the Provincial Gold Award by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Sri Lanka at the Sri Lanka Entrepreneur of the year 2005 on 12th December 2006.

It should be acknowledged that it is the employees’ sheer dedication to deliver, that has enabled the company to reach heights in the industry and to be recognised internationally. The company will continue to make milestones within itself and the industry, through the collective effort of its employees in producing and exporting pure Cinnamon products and quality spices to the world.

Following are few of the many awards received by Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

  • International Quality Crown Platinum Award by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) in London on 24th November ,2009
  • Century International Quality Era Award by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) in Switzerland on 23rd April 2007 in Geneva.
  • 26th International Award for Food and Beverages by the Trade Leaders Club on 8th May 2009 in Spain.
  • CNCI Achiever Silver and Bronze Awards by the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries on 16th July 2008.
  • The Best Exporter Award in the Southern Region 2007 in Sri Lanka by the Export Development Board on 13th December 2008.
  • The Best Exporter in the District of Matara (Sri Lanka) 2007 by the Export Development Board on 13th December 2008.