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Our Story

We are the largest revenue generation company from spices in Sri Lanka.

Operating in the Sri Lankan spice industry since 1985, has made Rathna an unwavering industry giant producing the finest quality Ceylon Cinnamon and spices to more than 50 countries in the world.

We are an award winning, family owned operation who has understood the pulse of those who admire the exotic Ceylon spices from the tropical island Sri Lanka in which we tend our own spices estates. Owing our humble beginnings to the miraculous herb, Ceylon Cinnamon, we have now evolved to produce the finest Sri Lankan spices such as garcinia rings (Goraka), black pepper, white pepper, clove, clove stem, nutmeg, mace, arecanuta and value added products such as cinnamon powder, citronella oil, exclusive essential oils such as Cinnamon Bark oil, Cinnamon leaf oil, Cinnamon Chips oil, nutmeg oil pepper oil, mace oil, clove oil. etc. to the world.

Our Founder and Director, Prof. Piyatissa Runage is the cornerstone of the success story of Rathna’s. At Rathna Exporters, we share his passion to give authentic Ceylon spices to the world which is produced with so much care and artistry that its wellness is preserved. Rathna Exporters is today the largest revenue generating company from spices in Sri Lanka.


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As an appreciation of our efforts to combine quality, freshness, authenticity and ethics in all our products, we have been repeatedly awarded the Presidential Export Award for the best Sri Lankan spices exporter company in 2014 and 2015. We are grateful for the collective effort by our staff and employees in producing and exporting pure Cinnamon products and quality spices to the world.

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Why Rathna

Our adherence to international quality standards, our passion to bestow family goodness in the products we produce, our commitment to the people and the planet have made Rathna an award winning global brand which has won the trust of more than 50 countries in the world.

Gathered from our own estates and from 8000 farmers who are registered with us, our products are a paragon of taste and wellness. Every step of production from cultivation to processing is closely supervised for the quality standards. Our farms are well monitored by our experienced team. We share our knowledge, experencice, provide education and other needs for our farmers to keep their farms at top level for quality assurance.

Our factories are equipped with state of the art machinery and are consistently updated for the latest processing technology. We combine modern technology with traditional techniques to ensure that ancient goodness of Ceylon spices  is preserved.

Our widely established network and over 3 decades of being in the business ensure that the products are delivered on time with no hassle. We offer spices which is freshly packed at origin and is enriched with flavor, aroma and natural goodness.





Healthy Products

We guarantee our spices are produced out of organic materials which is treated with due care in order to maintain our secrasy of the quality standard that we maintained over the past years. We produce our fertilizers out 100% naturals wastes. All the weeds are hand picked under proper guidance and inspection. Our dedication has yielded in producing supreme quality healthy organic spices to cater hundreds of happy customers around the globe.

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International Standards

We understand the significance of keeping up with international quality standards to stay competitive. Being in the industry for more than three decades, our international achievements are the verification for our adherence to sustainable, high-quality production.

Quality Excellence: Manufacturing Process

Uniqueness of Rathna Cinnamon derive from our total control over what we grow. We make it our responsibility to produce only the finest of Ceylon Cinnamon and the finest comes from the estates which are carefully tended from the sprouts. We bought our first cinnamon estate in 1989. Currently we own above 300 acres of organic certified farms which are well supervised from growth to cultivation for their preservation of natural goodness.

Traditional Techniques

CInnamon peeling is one of the oldest tradition which encarved with history of Sri lanka. In Sinhala we call it Kurundu. Peeling of Kurundu is led by men which they first remove the rough skin of stem and rubbed with a brass rod to soften the inner skin of the stem. This is done to a pattern as well to an appropriate proportion that comes with the experience of specialized skilled peelers. Brass has the least amount of reaction with materials and the quality of the brass as well as cinnamon make the greece in rubbing which makes the skin loosen from the hardwood.

Generation to generation the experience and the knowledge of this process is passed to the families and one person who called the Master Surgeon is the person who leads the clan with years of experience, slits two parallel cuts and with the use of his special tool, he makes the carving of soft inner layer of the bark. Sometime these special knives are the ones received inheritance from their fathers which could be old more than hundreds of years. The master Surgeon carves out the rubbed stem straightaway without damaging the bark. This scene is something that delicate to watch as he does mix his professional experience and style to the peeling.

The peeled slim bark will be treated carefully and packed in layers by overlapping and left covered for the fermentation. This fermentation takes up to 1-2 days Prior to the days of drying on top of coir strings attached on the level of doors under roofs.

Typically in the fermentation and in following days of air drying, the cinnamon rolls get curved and turns in to golden brown cigar like rolls which makes the unique color of Ceylon CInnamon. It takes up to 4-7 days and master surgeon himself decides the air dry duration needed to quills. Then these cinnamon rolls will be trimmed according to specifications made by global market.

In the second phase cinnamon chips and leaves will be used for cinnamon chips and leaf oil distillation which is defined as one of the expensive oils in the market. Demand for 100% pure cinnamon bark oil is in top of demanded products in the global market for decades of time.


Amazing facility & even better people. Rathna is the tajmahal of cinnamon.

Pierre Hellivan


The most impressive welcome ever.Extremely professional control of the supply chain. I am proud of this relationship



Impressive operation. Wonderful family story

Pablo Lugonie


Excellent Facility. Very Proud to work together for so many years.

Javier Lozano


Business Sectors

With our roots in the untiring cinnamon industry, we have now evolved our business to hospitality and travel industries with the wealth of knowledge acquired from operating in the international markets. Following listed are few operations which have grown around Rathna Cinnamon.

  • • Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exports (Pvt) Ltd.- Exporters of Mainly cinnamon and other spices.
  • • New Rathna Producers Cinnamon Exporters (Pvt) Ltd.(BOI approved) - Powder production and value added spice products
  • • Runage Plantations.
  • • Hotel Ashford / Ashford Travels
  • • Runage Logistics