Towards Community


As a family run operation, firmly established in the rural Kamburupitiya village in Matara (in the Southern Coastal Belt of Sri Lanka), we have been able to build a deep connection with the community in which we operate. We believe that successful business means a combination of efforts by our suppliers, workers, staff, clients and in the case of Cinnamon, the environment as well. We are committed to the community around us, to improve the quality of life of the people whom we share our roots with.


Our Commitment to the Environment

We believe in creating a healthy environment around us to produce the healthiest and most natural spices. as an anti pollution certified company, our estates are chemical free as we use hand weeding techniques, organic fertilizers and on-site composte manufacturing to ensure that our products are organic.

Waste Management at Rathna

We believe that the purest of cinnamon comes from the purest of nature. Therefore we ensure that the waste generated from our production process is managed in an environmental friendly system. Our solid waste is collected and separated to give to the government’s relevant institutes for recycling while part of the waste is purified and reused. We ensure the reuse of waste water by a filtering and storing it in tanks.

Our Commitment to the Farmers

As a result of engaging with our community for more than three decades, we have a deep understanding of the day to day difficulties faced by our farmers. We believe that the quality of life of those who grow is quintessential to the quality of the products which they supply to us. Therefore we ensure that their lives are supported by our special welfare funds which are dedicated,

  • To help farmers to build up their farms and community life
  • To build houses for those who are in need
  • To facilitate loans without an interest
  • To provide financial assistance on emergency situations
  • To enhance their spiritual life through assistance to monasteries and temples in the area
  • To strengthen their knowledge through FOC workshops on food and beverage and knowledge sharing meetups.

Our efforts to contribute to the lives of the farmers have been appreciated and awarded with a Singapore Excellence Award.